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* was born on 10/25/1961 (the rotatable year) at 09:32am in the [ Holy City] of [,_ca Saint Joe] and was reared in the [ Valley of Silicon], [ Land] of [ Califia], all his life being spent within the [ Great Northwestern Forest] [ bioregion].
* was born on [ 10/25/1961] (the rotatable year) at 9:32am in the [ Holy City] of [,_ca Saint Joe] and was reared in the [ Valley of Silicon], [ Land] of [ Califia], all his life being spent within the [ Great Northwestern Forest] [ bioregion].

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  • is "nocTifer" in KIAwiki because of the likelihood of being called upon to represent the infernal, wrathful, and dark aspects of life and universe to those who might be encountered herein.


META-WIKI self-ref

  • is nagasiva74 bryan60 w23 yronwode119 ( =276 (13x4x3) = 15 = 6 ).



  • has the following personal features:

-- astrological (natal) chart analysis:

-- palmistry analysis:

-- totem animal:



(1967-1987 general curriculum w/ focus on math/science) (1977+ individual studies expanding in philosophy, occultism, spirituality, religion)

  • attended, after disillusionment, San Jose State University (the period between 1982 and 1991 were spent employed at a now defunct non-profit organization called the "California Library Authority for Systems and Services" (CLASS, eventually changing its name to "Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services" as it grew and its mission expanded), which was supporting libraries and information systems for the state of California and the world. he worked there to support his part-time university attendance, again excelling in a focussed study of religion and philosophy. his contemporaneous and gradually expanding personal studies encompassed successively more controversial esoteric topics.





  • dedicated his life, upon Saturn Return, to adoration and worship of the goddess Kali Ma with a change of name ("nagasiva"), divestment of many worldly goods, and pilgrimmages to forests and local spiritual centers. on 1991-9-19 he married his Goddess and became a neo-tantric monk, a (western) tyagi, as he understood it.



  • continued his spiritual and arcane education, building altars and a temple dedicated to Kali in the suburban household he helped to foster with his family and friends. this became a shared, cooperative household known as 'The House of Kaos' that functioned as a meeting and support center for witches, mages, mystics, the religious and esoteric of various types, with the occasionally needful friend partaking of the generosity of the group assembled there for temporary lodging or assistance. irregular presentations by religious and esoteric leaders and representatives of numerous organizations and institutions appeared at the House of Kaos, where a lending library associated with the San Jose Public Library/Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library served as as inspiration and education for all who came together under its roof.


(1999/2000 event)

  • made pilgrimmage of several hours, attempted and failed twice before; tyagi arrived at the home of catherine yronwode, with whom he had shared a few emails and telephone conversations in anticipation of their meeting. falling in love immediately, they made plans for his relocation northward to Forestville where she resided and had several occult projects in the works. their wedding was a symbolic cosmic embrace permeating both their myriad projects during a time when Western civilization was in the throes of Millennial Fever, taking place as it did on the eve of and commencing their sacred union at precisely midnight on December 31, 1999.



  • has these current social relationships:



Major Contributions, Essays and Projects


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