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The main body of articles in this wiki will be dedicated to the practise of sorcery, which will be defined as the practise of operational witchcraft or results magic. In essence, the use of various methods to achieve specific effects without any material causal connection.

This is a portal page and will serve as both a description of this category, and the main menu to articles linked to from this category.



  • Alchemy The act of transmuting a base substance into a higher state. The Quest for the Philosopher's stone. the Union of Sol and Luna.
    • Alchemy Community Groups
GRAAL Regenerative Autonomous Alchemical Lodge
  • Astrology The study of the planets, constellations and stars, their position and aspects, and their influence on earthly events and people.
  • Hermetic
  • Qabala An echo of Jewish mysticism and magic that has become popular in it's modified form by the Western Mystery Tradition.
  • The Qliphotic Magic A complete and collective history of theories of qliphotic shells or demons, and the varieties of conjecture associated thereto.
  • Thelema The magical philosophy of the New Aeon, transmitted originally by Aleister Crowley.


  • Automatic Drawing
  • Astral Traveling
  • Dance A method of attaining states of trance for various magical purposes.
  • Divination Employing a variety of means to discover clues about the nature or condition of the self and the future. The consultation of oracles involves a medium/ priest/ priestess entering a state of trance for the purpose of divination.
  • Evocation To summon forth a force of energy or intelligence unto the magician's observation and influence.
  • Invocation The act of calling forth a source of energy or intelligence into the magician's body and psyche.
  • Initiation The event of consecrating and stirring to action the movement of a particular event, course, or the career of a particular magician.
  • Mantras Strings of words used in various types of ritual and mystic practices.
  • Meditation One aspect of Yoga. The practice of focussing attention upon a fixed point.
  • Necromancy Working with the dead or underworld.
  • Ritual( Rites). In a magical context: the setting of specific conditions and performance of symbolic actions, based upon an understanding that symbolic actions have real power, focussed onto a specific intent, with a view to raise energy, shift consciousness, connect with different planes of reality and affect transformation. Invocations, evocations,initiations,celebrations and dedications, notably,are all types of ritual. Rituals of worship are used by all traditional religions.Sociologically, Rites of Passage: Symbolic Event marking the transition from one stage of life to another, aquisition of a new status within the social structure/ clan.
  • Spell (casting) The assembly, manipulation of, and disposal of magically employed objects used to effect intended outcomes by principle related to the action undertaken.
  • Sex Magic The use of energy raised by sex and sexuality for the purpose of Magic and Alchemy> The channelling of sexual energy for a specific magical intent. The sending forth through visualisation and releasing of a sygil at the point of orgasm.
  • Scrying The Art of seeing into the past, future, or other reality portals through the medium of an object. Common scrying devises are: crystal, crystal spheres, black mirrors, water, stones, smoke and many more.
  • Sigils Symbols inscribed by graphic and written methodology for the purpose of sealing or manifesting a particular desired outcome related to its composition and content.


  • Aesch Mezareph The Purifying Fire, a kabbalistic text on alchemy by Christian Knorr von Rosenroth.
  • The Book of Lambspring A Noble Ancient Philosopher, Concerning the Philosophical Stone; Rendered into Latin Verse by Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas, Doctor of Medicine, a zealous Student of this Art.
  • Splendour Solis The Splendor of the Sun, a 16th century illuminated alchemical manuscript considered to be by Salomon Trismosin.
  • Chymicall treatise of Arnoldus A Chymicall treatise of the Ancient and highly illuminated Philosopher, Devine and Physitian, Arnoldus de Nova Villa...
  • Turba Philosophorum One of the earliest Latin alchemical texts, possibly dating from the 12th century.

These are only a few of what is available, please see KIA Library.


Sorcerors sometimes band together in various Occult Orders, Collectives, Traditions and Mystery Schools.

Traditions and Currents

Whilst sorcery as a whole is often an individualistic and iconoclastic current, there are, nonetheless, identifiable traditions and currents. Practitioners within these traditions often employ similar terminology and nomenclature, imagery and symbols, and ritual techniques.


Collectives are groups of sorcerers who band together in a loose non-hierarchical formation for the purpose of cooperative workings, either for the purpose of learning from each other, to work towards common goals or both.

  • KIA Us! :)
  • AutonomatriX A networking chaos magic guild of those striving to discover, rejuvenate and disseminate magical ideas and technical skills with success as the only key to validation.
  • Dionysian Underground a growing occultural grapevine network for individual sorcerors, witches, artists and psychonauts working with the Dionysian current, with a strong magical involvement, typically worked in clusters refered to as covines.


Throughout history, some sorcerers have formed more hierarchical structures. Even when the philosophical line of the tradition the group forms around is anti-authoritarian.




Many have passed before us on the magical quest. Indeed, we can expect the magicians listed in the former section to eventually graduate to this list. So far they include:

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