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Frater Sheosyrath is a drunken asshole and music artist, most well known for acting as the head and "F├╝hrer" of the Domus Kaotica.

Rumor has it that there was an incident involving Frater Sheosyrath and a group of unknown individuals, wherein said individuals got in Frater Sheosyrath's way while partaking in an afternoon stroll. Although Frater Sheosyrath was generous enough to give them until the count of three to get out of his way, the group failed to comply.

No one knows what happened next, but within less than one second after the countdown was finished, every person within a 500 meter radius was on the floor, bleeding and unconscious, while Frater Sheosyrath continued on his stroll, not wanting to be late for his BIG TOE pedicure.


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