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The KIA Illuminated Adepts community is expanding, and the KIAwiki project is the second major web based project being undertaken by KIA. The first is the KIA forum.

The KIA Illuminated Adepts group is a decentralised order of sorcery, dedicated to an anti-authoritarian stance and supports Individual Sovereignty. The articles on this site cover four broad areas of interest to the practicing sorceror.


The main body of articles in this wiki will be dedicated to the practise of sorcery, which will be defined as the practise of operational witchcraft or results magic.


The worldwide community of sorcerors, whilst usually highly individualistic, includes a vibrant and creative community, refered to by many in the contemporary movement as the Occulture. This creative community includes many sorcerors with considerable talent in the various artistic endevours, such as music, film, art, illustration, dance and fiction.


The core ideological value of KIA is a commitment to an anti-authoritarian stance opposing all forms of tyranny and supporting Individual Sovereignty. Where this core value is not contradicted, we explore ideas and beliefs from all of the various philosophical, political and religious currents of the world, but perhaps with particular focus on those that overlap the Occulture.


We embrace all science and technology with the potential to liberate the individual sovereign from the subjegation of the state, corporations and religious institutions, and harmonise our relationship with our Biosphere. We also embrace it where it offers support for our sorcerous practices.

We oppose all technologies used to enslave the individual.

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