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The KIA Illuminated Adepts community is expanding, and the KIAwiki project is the second major web based project being undertaken by KIA. The first is the KIA forum.

The KIA Illuminated Adepts group is a decentralised order of sorcery, dedicated to an anti-authoritarian stance and supports Individual Sovereignty. The articles on this site cover four broad areas of interest to the practicing sorceror, Sorcery, Occulture, Philosophy and Technology. These subject areas are loosely based on the four described by Ramsey Dukes in his book SSOTBME, namely Magic, Art, Religion and Science.

Open Source Sorcery

Following on the lead of the Open Source Movement and in particular Open Source Religion and The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, KIA is now formally announcing itself as a movement for Open Source Sorcery. The goal is complete freedom of information partaking to to sorcery, magic, magick, witchcraft and related traditions, allowing them to mutate and evolve freely in ways that the secrecy of closed hierarchical orders can never allow.


This wiki has been a part of this move, and as such all contributions are made in accordance with the GNU Free Documentation License. This license is not perfect, but it means we are compatible with wikipedia and can use content derived from them if we so desire. Some of our early articles have got their start by modifying wikipedia articles.

Community Commons Logos

It is my intention to release the KIA Logos I created onto Community Commons Share and Share Alike licenses. The latest logo is already published in this wiki with a GNU FDL license, and I will add the previous two. This will allow anyone so inclined to set up their own KIA websites using my logos either in their original form or modified to the new webmasters needs. Providing they make it clear that the logo, modified or unmodified, is also released under the Creative Commons Share and Share Alike license.

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