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What is The Domus Kaotica?

The Domus Kaotica is a loose organization of very different students of the magical art, all initiated into the Khaos current. Its purpose is the proliferation of our goals, the evolution of mankind, magickal research and the uninhibited exchange of ideas and concepts. We have no dogma.

How can I join or learn more about you?

Membership in the Domus Kaotica is sought by simply requesting it from one of the Council members through real-time communication. (Internet Chat, Phone, Face to Face, but not e-mail or forums.) Domus Kaotica members may be found on the IRC server on the channel #domus.

Please send all questions and applications to:

How exactly do you function as a group?

Our degrees system simply reflects work ethic, seniority and personal experience in occultism. Each member represents their own "house" or school of thought & teachings. The Domus Kaotica is an Autonomous Zone, without and needless of central leadership nor internal law.


Domus Kaotika Forums:[1]

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