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Divination is a skill that enables the reader or medium to see the possible or most likely outcome of the future using one of several methods, either to diagnose a situation or to determine the success of a magic or mundane endeavor

  • I Ching A book of Symbols based on the cosmology of Chinese beliefs, including symbolic runes used for divination
  • Runes A set of alphabets from the Germanic languages of Europe, used as an ancient language
  • Astrology Horary Astrology, Western and Eastern methods of charting the planets in a horoscope
  • Pendulum Dowsing with a crystal or metal pendant, used to find answers by interpreting the motion of the pendulum as a guide
  • Scrying Looking into objects in a trance state to see clairvoyant visions
  • Tarot Reading cards in a spread to determine the past present and future
  • Chiromancy the art of Palm Reading to determine a life-path
  • Bibliomancy Divination using the pages and phrases from a book which are randomly chosen.

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