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The DKMU is an international autonomous collective, but more appropriately, an artist's union with roots in occult study. The type of art movement the DKMU practices in writing, music and the visual arts is one which no doubt has roots in Dadaism, and utilizes absurdity, mess & complexity, deadpan minimalism, randomness, high brow (intelligence) & low brow (foolishness), disorder, or simply the antithesis of the expected given the circumstances of the creation (as in, if one would expect disorder, the result would be order for the sake of breaking expectation. Likewise, if this "rule" of opposition might be anticipated, it would be broken as well - the end result is a continuous creative change on the part of the artist and his work), and also makes frequent use of iconoclasm in all forms, although not all members adhere to these philosophies and are known to follow their own muses. For the DKMU member, one's psyche itself is treated as an ongoing work of art, and stranger realities are sought & considered superior to mundane ones (granted they are beneficial in some way) simply because they are more interesting to live, "a more intense mode of existence". The DKMU consists of two titles in one, respectively. DKMU is best known for representing the union of the two occult groups, Domus Kaotica & Marauder Underground. The DKMU is a self-styled group consisting of members from various schools of thought, with occult, psychedelic, artistic, revolutionary, scientific, activist, and philosophic overtones. The original logo consists of a grinning human skull with wings on either side, containing Nothing (zero) in the left eye, and Everything (infinity) in the right. A snake is seen protruding out from within the skull, or brain area. This symbolism in whole could take on a variety of meanings. The two MU & DK icons are usually seen in conjunction with the skull, Ellis (The Linking Sigil) on the left, and the Atomosphere (Infinite nothing star of chaos and finite everything [the atom]) on the right.

Operation: Virus

Operation: Virus is a continual activity present within DKMU whereby members tag and leave markings of their presence throughout the world (and internet) alike for the purpose of "artistic proliferation". Before the union of DK and MU, the Marauder Underground has been credited with this activity of tagging the LS sigil, and it can now be found in the catacombs of Paris, the streets of Germany, [including the bunker where Hitler & Eva Braun had allegedly committed suicide, and the spot where Stalin & Churchill met] and throughout varying locations in the world.

Global Rituals

Global rituals are said to be one of the activities of group work, and the practitioner may only be involved in international rituals via his or her membership in DKMU.

Coded Language: Big Toe

In the DKMU, there is the supposed practice of a hidden language which capitalizes on nonsense and expressionism for means of encryption between members. The so-called "Big Toe" is a mock-language of whichever the dialect of origin may be, taking the route of continuous metaphor and symbolism for a coded language. It is maintained that only those with an in-depth knowledge of history, mythology, occult absurdity, and a matured sense of psychological creativity will be able to decipher "Big Toe".

A DKMU Internet-based Flier:


DKMU Group Structure

The DKMU operates as a group consisting of members from various schools of thought. It has been described as a very loose and artistic structure. Although the DKMU consists of hundreds of members (unsigned to forums or official list), the only official member list is held within the DK (Domus Kaotica) chapter of DKMU.

DK Official Member List: [1]

Frater Alysyrose had described the DKMU in an interview as;

"GP: I would say so. Are there any leaders or officials in DKMU?''

Alysy: Everyone expects there to be, but there’s really not. I may be one of the better known personalities within it, along with some others, and being a founder of the DK, people tend to look to you for some answers, but it’s a far stretch to say that I or any of the other council members in the DK ranks actually “lead” the group. We’re more or less a completely autonomous organization. I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

GP: Interesting. Not many groups survive using that system. Isn’t it anarchy, in a sense?

Alysy: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

GP: I didn’t mean it like that (laughs). It’s just when there’s no central voice of a group it seems to just stumble along and soon disband. Off the top of my head I don’t recall any occult group or current for that matter that pulled it off successfully who we can still easily name. Or maybe I’m confusing leadership with dogma?

Alysy: Perhaps, and we have neither. If I were to give a real description of the thing as it exists, I would say that DKMU operates via a kind of a sub-culture of artists. You can take artist to mean anything you want, so long as it involves some kind of creative procedure. Those who create more frequently, or create things of a higher worth (but who’s to say?) are the ones who gain the respect they deserve, and along that, a sort of leadership and following in their own right. Is it any different from a band with a strong fan-base? I suppose “artist” could also relate, plainly, to the caliber of the innovative, ingenious nature of a person, which is easily noticed in nearly all forms of communication they choose to express themselves in. It’s like the free market, without the evil. It’s a brutally honest system at its heart, one that I think the so-called “real world” could take a lesson from. In our world, money does not equal power. The caliber and intellect of the individual equals real power. Some older examples of this can be found in the likes of Plato, Lucretius, Buddha, Socrates, Einstein, Jesus, etc. etc. Take your pick."

Books by DKMU

320 1646694.jpg

Occultus Conturbo is a book on Khaos Magick and the occult, written by Frater Sheosyrath of the Domus Kaotica.

DKMU Publications (Occultus Conturbo): [2]


The Assault on Reality (A Field Manual for the Strange Psyche) is DKMU's second book. The subjects range over the occult, khaos, activism, revolutionary writing, prose & poetry, to discordian humor. It is also the title of another book released by the Marauder Underground entitled Ellis: The Assault on Reality, written by MU members and edited by Silenced. [further information needed]

Overview for The Assault on Reality: A Field Manual for the Strange Psyche: Within this tome, the gates open wide. Herein lies nothing true, and nothing false. Far from requiring assurance of its own blunders, joyous mistakes make up the entirety of its limbs. It relishes in the thought of changing your mind, of manifesting confusion where there is faith, of invoking wrath where there is quiet content and self-imposed anesthesia. It looks upon you with no eyes; it sees through its own kaleidoscope. It hears you with no ears; thunderstorms make up its resonance. It thinks of you with no mind; its thoughts are made up of all those things which we have left behind in the dark of the wilderness. The drums begin and the heavens thunder wildly as we start to sweat and metamorphose. A voice inside us speaks as we dance, trip, and fall upwards forever into the abyss. DEATH TO THE IMAGE; HAIL THE NEW FLESH.

DKMU Publications (The Assault on Reality: AFMFTSP): [3]


DKMU Forums: [4]

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