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The DKMU consists of two titles in one, respectively. DKMU is best known for representing the union of the two occult groups, Domus Kaotica & Marauder Underground. DKMU can also stand for Domus Kaotica Magickal University, a free, open-source teacher/student program within the DKMU dedicated to teaching the occult arts. The original logo consists of a grinning human skull with wings on either side, containing Nothing (zero) in the left eye, and Everything (infinity) in the right. A snake is seen protruding out from within the skull, or brain area. This symbolism in whole could take on a variety of meanings. The two MU & DK icons are usually seen in conjunction with the skull, Ellis (The Linking Sigil) on the left, and the Atomosphere (Infinite nothing star of chaos and finite everything [the atom]) on the right.

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Books by DKMU

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Occultus Conturbo is a book on Khaos Magick and the occult, written by Frater Sheosyrath of the Domus Kaotica.

DKMU Publications (Occultus Conturbo): [1]


The Assault on Reality (A Field Manual for the Strange Psyche) is DKMU's second book. The subjects range over the occult, khaos, activism, revolutionary writing, prose & poetry, to discordian humor. It is also the title of another book released by the Marauder Underground entitled Ellis: The Assault on Reality, written by MU members and edited by Silenced. [further information needed]

Overview for The Assault on Reality: A Field Manual for the Strange Psyche: Within this tome, the gates open wide. Herein lies nothing true, and nothing false. Far from requiring assurance of its own blunders, joyous mistakes make up the entirety of its limbs. It relishes in the thought of changing your mind, of manifesting confusion where there is faith, of invoking wrath where there is quiet content and self-imposed anesthesia. It looks upon you with no eyes; it sees through its own kaleidoscope. It hears you with no ears; thunderstorms make up its resonance. It thinks of you with no mind; its thoughts are made up of all those things which we have left behind in the dark of the wilderness. The drums begin and the heavens thunder wildly as we start to sweat and metamorphose. A voice inside us speaks as we dance, trip, and fall upwards forever into the abyss. DEATH TO THE IMAGE; HAIL THE NEW FLESH.

DKMU Publications (The Assault on Reality: AFMFTSP): [2]


DKMU Forums: [3]

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