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About KIA Invisible Agents

Some magical agents decide to collaborate, network and communicate with other agents through the medium of KIA, a decentralised group that includes this website.


All Agents Are Anarchically Autonomous. Anything said about KIA in this document may not apply to all KIA Invisible Agents. Any agent may expand this document at any time.


KIA began life on Feb 9th 2001 as the Kaotic Illuminated Adepts, formed by a group of Chaos Magicians in the Illuminates of Thanateros who enjoyed the group contact and rituals of that group but who speculated whether hierarchy and the politics it entails was really necessary.


An Egregore is generally an entity created and supported by more than one individual through the medium of belief. Examples include nations, corporations and other organisations. Magicians often deliberately create egregores, although often on a much smaller scale than the examples cited. The magicians of KIA created such an egregore for the group back in 2001, first through the creation of a doll, and secondly though the submission of sentences that power KIA Speaks. This latter webpage allows a special kind of evocation/divination of the egregore through the random selection of sentences submitted by a large number of agents.

The website

In addition to the main articles of the website, KIA has a forum and wiki.

KIA Forum

The KIA forum is both the oldest part of the website, but also the part that has undergone the most disruption due to software changes. It is however now relatively stable and once again an active part of the website. It has a kind of single sign on, in that so long as you are logged in to the main site, the forum will automatically log you in also.


The KIAwiki is a useful and well organised archive of information. A number of articles from the original KIA website have been copied into the KIAwiki. We also have a Library of books on a range of occult subjects. All agents are invited to collaborate on expanding, improving and editing the articles, and adding new ones. It is currently the only part of the website lacking single sign on functionality, but you should be able to login using the same username and password as for the rest of the site.

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