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Wiki History

C2, home of WardsWiki, also known as the WikiWikiWeb is the original wiki that has been around since 1995. Its official name is the PortlandPatternRepository, the World's first wiki!


Occult Wikis

  • SourceryForge - a community maintained esoteric encyclopaedia, containing a mixture of fact and personal experience.
  • KIAwiki - the wiki of the KIA Illuminated Adepts; a Social Networking site for Anti-Authoritarian Sorcerers.
  • Thelemapedia - the original encyclopedia of Thelema and Magick focusing on the works and philosophy of Aleister Crowley
  • Tarotpedia

Discordian Wikis

  • The Black Iron Prison Wiki Project - an effort to revisit Discordia in written form. The general consensus, if it can be called that, was that while the original Principia Discordia holds important messages and philosophies, we wondered if some of the humor and language might be dated and lost on a younger generation of Discordians.
  • S23-Wiki - Non-hierarchical geek contents dis-organization by uncensored, decentralized, transglobal multi-user hypertext editing without restrictions a.k.a. the Anarchistic Publishing tool of Seti23, the S23 cabal and friends.

Other Wikis

Other Wiki Media

  • Wired for Wikiphonics - a special broadcast of WIKI radio for the New Media Consortium online conference on Social Computing
  • Wiki Mouse - A WIKI film about a white mouse who discovers the world. Co-created by a swarm of movie makers around the world, following one rule: shoot a clip of a white mouse...entering from the left...and exiting from the right - while making sure the mouse is enjoying it. Participate in this collaborative movie here.

Current events

Sorcery Portal
Open Source Sorcery
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