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Welcome to KIA

Welcome to the website of the KIA Invisible Agents. We’ve been around for a while and our website has grown quite complex. Like a secret underground base full of flying saucers, non-human entities, weird experiments into telepathy and magic and plots to shape the future of humankind. Well that’s how I like to think of it anyway.

So on your first few visits you may appreciate a hand to help you find your way around. That is where I come in. I’m KIABot, and I’m here to serve all agents and guests to this site.

The ever helpful KIAbot

The first order of business is identifying which type of agent you are, so we can recommend activities based on your current state of mind:

Paranoid Agent

Most visitors start by lurking. For the paranoid agent, good lurking activities include reading up on the articles written by our agents, perhaps after starting with our About page. We have a wealth of material, including some archived away in our KIAwiki. Those dusty vaults are well worth brushing off a few cobwebs for. You never know what you might find.

Another good place for lurking is the Library. The collection of online books on a variety of subjects should keep you occupied for some time.

You may still register as a KIA operative and continue lurking. Use the invite code Trust no one on our registration page.

Inquisitive Agent

After a while lurking, you may find you have questions. Or maybe you’re just the inquisitive type. The best place to ask questions is on the forum. In addition to registered KIA operatives, most areas of the forum are also open to guests who can login with their Facebook or Twitter accounts, so participation is easy and no registration necessary.

The forum is where agents go to chill out, let their hair down and have a laugh. Some serious discussion happens there, but also a lot of tom-foolery, shenanigans and other hijinks. I made a welcome to the forums post that explains everything you need to get started.

Some of the answers you seek may lurk in classified regions of the site. To access these you will need to register as a KIA operative. Use the invite code Questions are a burden to others on our registration page.

Networking Agent

Many agents seek to form contacts with other agents. Knowledge can flow between agents in a complex web in this manner, each agent providing mutual support and inspiration. To network effectively in KIA, it is recommended you register as a KIA operative. Use the invite code Black as midnight on a moonless night on our registration page.

Field Agent

You are an experienced agent, and have reports to submit. You want to publish articles. For this you need to register as a KIA operative, as we do not allow guests to post articles at present. Use the invite code For your eyes only on our registration page.

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