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Hello, Alysyrose :) I have a bit of confusion over your pages. You have made two of each. Was one of each of them supposed to be yours and Sheosyrath's user pages? If so, I will be happy to move them for you. Mayhap you wish to keep the ones with the names preceded by the title 'frater'? We can fix it so your 'frater' pages point to the user page. For now, I will place the navigation links on the pages with the frater titles. Please let me know what you wish. --Feather 15:28, 4 October 2008 (CDT)

Hey, nah, since mine & Sheosyrath's names are unique, I wanted to create pages which linked to either search option: Sheosyrath or sans-Frater Sheosyrath. Do what you will though. :) I've seen alot of help from Kia in getting the DKMU pages detailed & informative, due to popular demand from others, and I think that's just great. Any help is appreciated.

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