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Tyagi mordred nagashiva

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Distilled from the depths of the Abyss, this revolutionary expositor and iconoclastic explorer of the arcane grasped the principles and character of Chaos Magic long before encountering the solidifying encrustments struggling to displace playful improvisation that are the core of all legitimate Kaotik enterprises. He savaged the pretenders with wit and humour befitting his relatively uneducated but naturally-gifted style, and exploded into the cybernetic scene with unbridled enthusiasm.

Drawn toward the neo-shamanic and techno-experimental, Thyagi captured the attention of Wired Magazine's Erik Davis, who sought to reflect the spirit of techno-shamanism and the interpenetrative quality of the tyaginator's diversified expressive spread. Catching a glimpse of this silicon valley monk dedicated to the Goddess Kali in an eclectic fit of temple-building within a humble, rented suburban landscape, Davis hoped to reflect the thematic aspects of the Thyagi's adoration of the Kcaos Current, yet ultimately failed to completely capture the gist and letter of his expression. Instead, he posited his own projections where his tape recorder had failed him, and saddled in story something Mordred could not get behind.

Through subsequent social connections with members of IOT, TOPY, OTO, AX, and other conglomerates both orderly and chaotic, tyagi maintained and fomented those dynamic values of fusion and spontaneity, whether as part of some derived cultural facet from temples and circles of his participation, or as reflecting continued textual and social studies of religious and occult techniques in the busy metropolitan area adjacent to San Francisco Bay. Alamut concordials, Transmissions relays of Black Magick and Left Hand Path philosophy, AX-biting struggles in usenet over the newly-created alt.magick.chaos and a limitation to its content, Lilitusian and Babalonian rites of love and pleasure mixed with the struggle that may come from an infusion of distended egos, and repeated, ongoing and co-inspiring shub-stitutions of kindred quality in and outside of the initiatory bodies of his involvement, spiced and otherwise glorified the peculiar career upon which he'd set his feet that eucharistic eve at 19:19, 1991/9/19.

Through it all many adversaries were friends, many of the devoted were self-absorbed, and the orderly chaotic, in ways and means few could comprehend with any duration. The tyaginator consolidated multiple compilations of information in gooey and questionable form, and began flooding first alt.magick.chaos, then some troll-home like alt.virtual-adepts, then eventually a dedicated usenet homebase created by arch-niggling-cyber-nemesis and barstool buddy Tzimon Yliaster. The networking being a service of both interfusion and common interest, the worldwide web dropped the floor out of those throughputs and left the whole a deserted field interspersed with raving jesters.

With the sweet pacification of mass-media, it was a natural and compassionate progression of someone seeing the final orchards paved over to subsume humane charity for ecology, Neopagan and New Age sentiments eshewing darkness and demonism for the rigours of Satanism (allying formally on 960606), and become the SOD for the Church of Euthanasia. Such clashing crescendos had he never heard their like, though it fairly drove away all those local to him with interest in quiet arcane note-sharing or intiguing ritualized ceremonialism. The end of the century brought the Pazderian Pandemonium of Michelle (remember?), and the mock-trials of folk-media in a proffered New World Order, subtended by panic-stricken rumormongering. Only the careful and deliberate documenting of the whole escalation and debacle was a suitable reply, and to this he did attend dutifully.

In the starkness of incredulity, the Satanist Bambi-defender bearing dumbek and purple skirts, the bald-headed middle-finger-waving suicide-advocate had little in the way of peers. Pursuant to Thelemic and Satanic standards, and in renewed dedication to his (modified) monasticism, nagasiva made a pilgrammage northward into more liberal and left-leaning counties, and dedicated his time and energies to his guru in a neo-tantric embrace unrivalled in Western civilization of his experience. She, having a sustained and continual brilliance, directly matched in study and interest (that being magic, especially of a folk variety) the peculiarity of his arrival, by sheer synchronicity and with surprised unintentionally, dwelling on a street which was the same as her last name (famous and unique in the world). The peculiarity was made all the more intense when it was revealed that she had prayed to the god Siva to send her a mate.

This pairing established, this roshibobo, this SOD (Satanic Outreach Director), sought to ground the consternation and social impetus into the new dirt of his orchard dwelling, employing the principles of Chaos Magick to the European grimoires themselves, fusing to it the novel Black Arts Powder he'd just learned how to make as the substance of a summoning sigil, and continuing a cacophony begun in the county dedicated to the patron saint of television through repeated and unrestrained invocation of demons setting to unify and defend. In courtly preparatory, then ritual notification, nagasiva summoned forth the Armies of Darkness in association to their Marshal, Beelzeboul, for the purpose of defense of the wild. This was 99/9/9, 2 years and 2 days before the military mobilization of his homeland. That summoning successful and resolving, such invocations ended for almost a decade.

Then was a time of unification, and the jostling that comes from unexpected clash. Then was the Odometer Turn signaling a cosmic Nuptual as the False Millenium rung out and the fever just barely broke its pitch. The Ritual Abuse scandals were beginning to dissolve. The reorientation from the House of Kaos to ArkaotikA was just beginning to conclude its shift of energetic mooring, and the guru-chela configuration had just begun to gel. At this point, nagasiva yronwode chose to experimentally and in at a times brazen manner play with the language and style of hoodoo, folk magic, and conducted a number of Crossroads rites in pursuit of power in skill in this tradition.

Those rites and their Hands behind him, several years of slow consolidation transpired, during which he forged a lasting and strong bond with the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, and settled into the application of mundanely- and mystically-aimed spells in conjure, slowly becoming familiar both with the conventions of the South (US) through which he'd only once travelled, and the allies local to this new location. During this time his church has dissolved, leaving him a lone beacon of euthanasian admonition, gleaning increasingly frenetic heat from a press striving to demonize his motives.

Very recently, renewed interest in projects abandoned those ten years ago have resurfaced, specifically the directory of qlippotic demons previously abandoned after the disappearance of his Lilitusian comrade. With a Satanic investment in the project resurgent, the discovery of the extensive history of The Qliphotic Magic brought his attentions to this kaotik and illuminated sphere.

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