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The Oracle is a contemporary occult magazine published in London and contains excellent articles on such subjects as Hermeticism, Witchcraft, Chaos Magic, Experimental Magic, Thelema and Tantra.

The Oracle is unrivaled in terms of content and quality.

The Oracle is published quarterly and is on sale in all good esoteric bookshops. Alternatively you can order a copy by e-mailing us, giving details of which issue(s) you want and arrange payment.

UK £3.50 / USA $9.00 (incl. P&P).

All other Overseas orders please inquire for prices.

e-mail: "sales@oracleoccult.com"

From Issue 8: Blue Moon 2007
Dark Nights of The Soul: Interview with John Harrigan Artistic Director of Foolish People


Oracle 9: Dyad Moon 2008

Oracle 8: Blue Moon 2007

Oracle 7: Blood Moon 2006

Oracle 6: Summer Solstice 2006

Oracle 5: Spring Equinox 2006

Oracle 4: Winter Solstice 2005

Oracle 3: 2005

Oracle 2: Summer Solstice 2005

Oracle 1: 2005

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