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I think the term Occulture covers a lot more than the 'arts' its defined as on the Wiki?


yes, I think it does.

I've added a few pop occulture categories to occulture in the wiki, which I think expand it.

As a general rule, discussion about what a wiki page might be for is best taken place on the wiki's 'Talk:' page rather than here on the forum. Since some of those who are active in the wiki project don't seem to read the forum, and many of those active in the forum don't contribute to the wiki. Although of course there is some overlap...
...and announcing wiki articles on the forum, so long as it doesn't get out of hand, can be a :::good thing.
Obviously occulture covers more than art.
Basically what happened is I started with Ramsey Duke's four view points of Magic, Art, Religion and Science, and for the sake of originality renamed them all as Sorcery, Occulture, Philosophy and Technology respecively. Obviously as a result of the renaming I've altered the scope from the original intentions, and that is fine.

Yeah, culture seems broader than art and occulture more relevant to us...
Oh BTW I hardly knew there was a talk page :)

on every article page there is a link on the left that says 'discussion'. That will take one to the talk page for the article.
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