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Peter James Carroll (born January 8, 1953, Patching, England) is a modern occultist, author, co-founder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, and co-creator and practitioner of chaos magic theory. Chaos magick is a method of magick that is focused on results, through non traditional methods.

Caroll, while practicing magic in his early twenties, met Ray Sherwin who was also a magician and author. They collaborated their efforts together to publish a magazine called the The New Equinox. From the popularity and the ideas that were developed from this magazine they decided to create an organization called the Illumanates of Thanateros (IOT) in 1978. The name Thanateros is derived from Thanatos, the Greek daemon or spirit of death, and Eros the Greek god of erotic desire.

Peter Carroll is credited with creating Chaos Magick, which is a type of 'bare-bones' magic, based on methods and concepts that Carroll believes are found in all paths of magic. Some of the teachings of Carroll include psychicism, telepathy, telekinesis, ESP, Evocation, and gnosis. Other methods taught by Carroll include the use of Paradigm Shifting where the magician is able to use different methods of traditional magick to achieve a desired result.

Sherwin and Carroll were inspired by the writings of the occultist and artist, and A.'.A.'. initiate Austin Osman Spare. Some of these methods include sigilization, which is a means of programming the mind through using created sigils. Another magical method of A.O. Spare's which was taught by Carroll is 'Zos Kia Cultus', part of a four-fold way of magick which is based on imagination, projection of the will, and the formulation of results.

According to Carroll from his essay Chaos Magic for the Pandaemeon, Chaos magick is directed by belief, and belief is used as a tool to create change in a magician's environment. The focus of chaos magick is different than other forms of traditional magick because it does not have doctrines, rituals and history as a foundation.



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