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Operation Intruder

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Operation Intruder


This magical psiop combines CE5, sigil magic and memetic lulz warefare, drawing influence from the Discordian Operation Mindfuck, the DKMU Linking Sigil, Anonymous eTHErSEC and Project Mayhem 2012 and the First Earth Battalion's "Evolutionary Tactics".


Following the tactic of anonymous, EtherSec and Project Mayhem, Operation Intruder was first anounced in a pastebin post. The original pastebin has been lost, but a version with various typos corrected, and social media links added can be found here:

Images and sigils

Image files of sigils and logos for the project were also anonymously uploaded to a file hosting website and can be downloaded and used by agents anywhere for their magical purposes:



Social media

Blog posts here on KIA



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