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Open Source Sorcery (aka Open Sourcery) is a movement dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and experience among those who practise arts of sorcery of various traditions. Partly this is facilitated through the use of this and other occult wikis that have information released under the terms of an Open Source or Creative Commons license. The idea is that rituals and knowledge can be shared, adapted and improved by all. Whilst the webmaster reserves the right to moderate the amendments if necessary, there is nothing to stop anyone taking any of the material and posting it elsewhere, including in another wiki, and editing as they desire, so long as they too publish it under the same terms and conditions.


Open Source Groups

Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis

The first Open Source magical organization was Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis, which was founded on 4 July 2000. One of the Bishops of this church, Tau Ty, conceived a project to create a Golden Dawn style magical order based on the same Open Source principles.

Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn

The manifesto of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn was published on 23rd September 2002.


SourceryForge appears to have been installed on 13th August 2003. It is a wiki, similar to this KIAwiki, dedicated to maintaining an esoteric encyclopedia. Also like the KIAwiki its information is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation license, making our content compatible and shareable.


Frequency23 is an open source project drawing on currents such as Timothy Leary, William Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson, Chaos Magick, and Discordianism. It describes itself as 'Open Source Reality, Designer Memes, Media for Mutants'. The following mission statement was published on 21st February 2006.

Key23 and Key64

In a post dated the 29th September 2006, Key23 described itself as "open source" – or at least "open participation". Key23 now seems to be called key64, although I can't find an explanation of this?


KIA has always operated based on a principle of decentralisation and non-hierarchy, with even the membership list being available to all signed up members. Indeed that was the very principle upon which it was founded in February 2001. But we have only formally announced ourselves as Open Source on 11th May 2007, even though the wiki was released under a GNU Free Documentation License on 18 April. Wikipedia has since changed its license to a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike. The kiamagic.com wiki has now changed to match this.

Free Illuminism

Free illuminism has compared itself to Open Source, in a short post on May 10, 2009.


I've just noticed that OccultForum.org, describes itself as 'Your open-source occult community'. They have a wiki with the same open source license as the KIAwiki and SourceryForge (so content can be transfered between these wikis if appropriate). A qoute from the site; 'We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to exactly this; the free exchange of ideas between both the serious and casual practitioners of these arts.' Free exchange? Hell, yeah! :)

Discordian Influence?

According to at least one article I've read, the origin of Open Source might well lie with the Principia Discordia. Indeed, I've always made a connection between the phrases 'All Rights Reversed', 'KopyLeft', 'Reprint What You Like' and the circle with the K in it to the reversed C CopyLeft symbol used by GNU, and the very idea of Open Source, allowing anyone to republish, alter and recompile code and documentation. Certainly there exists some evidence that early hacker communities were influenced by anarchistic religions such as Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius.

Free Cultural Works

Whilst many see open source as a good thing, others see it as not going far enough, and have labelled a subset of open source as being 'Free Cultural Works'. With this in mind I have decided to launch a movement for Free Cultural Sorcery. This shall be a subset of the Open Source Sorcery movement dedicated to releasing art, film, text, rituals, theories etc on licenses that qualify as being a Free Cultural Work.

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