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We are a KIA node and Free Illuminist temple working with various mysteries and are based in Inverness, in Scotland.

Current members of MIB Lodge come from diverse backgrounds encompassing Chaos Magick, Thelema, Taoism, Catholicism and Buddhism amongst many others. Our long term practice includes communications with elemental spirits such as Trolls, Selkies, Birds, Salamanders and Serpents. We are deeply involved in ultraterrestrial paradigm, Chaosphere magick system, tree of life and Qabalah, tarot and other divination systems, dream work, communicating with gods mainly Venus, Set, Ganesha, Baphomet, Thoth and more recently Garuda.

Our direction at the moment shifts towards work with points chauds, stellar magick, goetia, ancestral magick, childhood magick and healing. We spend a lot of time connecting to nature and exploring local myths and legends connected to these places, with Foyers by Loch Ness being our main power spot. We specialise in using arts and craft (both digital and traditional) in our magick.

We are open to whatever influences new members may bring to the mix. We draw our inspiration from currents of Free Illuminism, Gnosticism, UFOlogy, Tibetan Mysteries, Zen and Alchemy, techniques of Meditation, Ritual, Kundalini, Sigils, Abramelin Magic and Trance and our influences include but are not limited to Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley, Jan Fries, Robert Anton Wilson, Alexandra David-Néel, H.P. Lovecraft, Maya Deren, Emma Goldman, Allen Greenfield, John Keel, C.G. Jung and Ramsey Dukes.


The mysteries of our lodge are known by other names sharing these initials.


The letters BHMT contain their own mysteries.


To contact the M.'.I.'.B.'. send a private message to Anton here on the KIA Network, or if you aren't a member use the contact form. Alternatively, get to know us through the Inverness Open Circle Moot.

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