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We are the Marauder Underground. Our primary activity is attacking what is commonly known as consentual reality, the dominant paradigm, the mundane world, whatever you want to call it. We cast spells, scribe sigils, summon spirits, and open gateways. Anything that can be done to influence reality towards our goal. We use chalk to tag buildings & sidewalks with sigils and goetic summonings. We conjure up spirits and set them loose, leaving in our wake freshly haunted sites. We infect the population with the power of chaos, and watch as random magick explodes into the lives of unsuspecting citizens. We are reality deviants in the truest sense of the word, as we pry open the eyes of a sleeping humanity to the terror and wonder of the worlds beyond.

An excerpt from an interview with Frater Alysyrose:

GP: I’ll start with a question that’s been on my mind since I heard of you guys. What exactly is the DKMU, and in what direction do you hope to take it?

Alysy: Well you said there was no limit to interview length, right? So here’s the deal, in the simplest language I can put it; “MU” relates to a self-styled group of Chaos Magicians, who had maintained a strong internet presence (in the occult circles) throughout the years – The Marauder Underground. It would be prudent to say that they are best known for creating the Ellis/LS sigil as a header for ordinary sigils, the mechanism being thus: utilizing collective location-oriented tagging of the sigil in order to form a global web of correspondence for use by their numbers. More recently, Ellis had turned from a simple sigil header to a god-form in her own right, which is usually the case when any could-be-should-be entity is introduced to the Chaos Community at large. I myself had no involvement in the formation of MU, though many of them have been and still are friends & colleagues.

“DK” refers to the Domus Kaotica, which was more in the vein of manifesting a new Magickal Current with which we could work within while utilizing the “forces” it had tapped into. I think we’ve already covered the rest. Mind if I copy & paste something from the forums?

GP: Not at all.

Alysy: “It began due to an increasing discomfort in the online occult community, frustration towards "Chaos Magic" in general, and the complete lack of innovation & imagination in the occult scene, aside from those few magicians who could actually be said to be "switched on". Frater Sheosyrath had started to write and compile what would later become Occultus Conturbo with the aid & input of occultists such as Lord Ruthven, Damien Horizonstar, Frater Alysyrose, Sariel Angel, and Odonata.

“Occultus Conturbo (OC) would serve as a makeshift manifesto of sorts in declaring our abandonment of "prescribed" occultism and the pursuit of the more exotic areas of the mind & magick. However, long before OC was revised and printed for sale, operations for the new "House of Khaos" were in full swing, and were gathering attention.

The foundation stones of the Domus Kaotica (DK) were finally put into place on the night of July 17th, 2007, and the early morning of July 18th, when four self-initiates performed what is now known as The Chelsea Working - Frater Sheosyrath in Texas, Damien Horizonstar in Maryland, Karma Mitchell in California, and Frater Alysyrose in New York, all together forming the reverse triangle across the United States - thunderbolt aspect of the pentagram.

The rest is history. We have been in operation since, putting out articles, orchestrating rituals, evolving, growing in number, and assaulting the consensus reality alongside our close cousins, the Marauder Underground.”

GP: At what point did DK and MU become DKMU?

Alysy: Fairly recently. The Marauder forums had been hacked and pretty much killed off, and since we were close partners to begin with, and worked with more or less the same forces and goals in mind, we decided to create a forum for both groups instead of just DK. We wanted to combine our forces and it really paid off in the end. The real catalyst of DKMU coming to fruition was by means of the actions of just a handful of MU members, spreading the word across the online occult scene and gathering what remained of the scattered Marauders, bringing them to the new forums. When you manage to get that many psychonauts & free spirits in the same place, the end result of a creative community is inevitable.

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