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Kaos Hieroglyphica
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Kaos Hieroglyphica - Alchemy for the New Aeon

by Anton Channing ISBN 9781869928834

Kaos Hieroglyphica Book Cover.png

Written between 1997 and 2002, and finally published in 2003 in 73 limited numbered hardback editions, and currently still available as limited unnumbered hardback editions.

Book Cover Artwork (©AntonChanning)

Internal Illustrations

Some rights reserved. These illustrations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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Blurb from back of book

In the year 1564, Dr John Dee published his work, Monas Hieroglyphica. Its central symbol represented the unity which was the gnosis of the monotheistic aeon.

Now over four hundred years later, Anton Channing has published his long awaited debut work Kaos Hieroglyphica, within which he expounds a new symbol, the Kaos Hieroglyph. This symbol represents the plurality and freedom of the New Aeon. This work of magical alchemy draws on such diverse material as Thelema, the Chaos Current, the Maat Current, Timothy Leary, Witchcraft, Paganism, the Hermetic Tradition, Taoism, Shamanism and the author's own Pineal Gland.

The Kaos Hieroglyphica offers the reader interpretations of Hermetic symbolism in a way that is both insightful and relevant to New Aeon Magic.



by Peter J Carroll (Dec 04)

Infamy! Infamy! Anton has surely got it in for me, in these two hundred pages of relentless revisionism. Here we see heresy of the most outrageous kind, Mr Channing plays Trotsky to my Lenin, and Luther to the most holy of Chaos Orthodoxies.

Methinks I may excommunicate him with extreme prejudice for revealing the secret asymmetries and imbalances in my Eight Magics which have propelled me to global notoriety, undeserved riches, and domination of the metaphysical realms.

May Baphomet dam his loins and may Eris make his balls explode, for he hath proposed a counter-reformation back into the antique concepts of soul, 'being', and symbo-realism.

He even proposes, and mark this, an alternative order completely lacking even the most basic dominance hierarchy, terrible secrets, and bloodcurdling initiation rites, yet he seems such a reasonable guy.

I have arranged to have a drink with him to see where it all went new-age shaped.

In the meantime read the book, I found it both provocative and entertaining but I have to warn you about the shockingly high 'is' count. That in itself provides a key to the symbolistic conceptual style of the author.

by Shade Oroboros in SilverStar 6 (2006)

This more specifically focused volume analyzes and expands upon the Colors of Magick outline proposed by Pete Carroll at the dawn of the Chaotic era, re-mapping and expanding the possibilities and tweaking the system. There is also an interesting discussion of the possible antecedents of the eight-arrowed Chaosphere symbol in ancient times and pagan myth, as distinct from the infamous sword & sorcery epics of Michael Moorcock and the tattoos of post-Goth couture. There are insights into the elements and planets, Aeonics, Timothy Leary’s Eight Circuit model of consciousness, the Kaobala, and the acid test for Chaos Magick: practical exercises. In a publishing market dominated by Golden Dawn re-hashes and endlessly repetitive Wicca 101 books, it is nice to see actual thinking about how to bring scientific sorcery into the future!

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