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  • Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License Content only. If you post content for which you are the copyright holder, you are making it available on this license by posting it.
  • Do not post content you don't have copyright for unless it already exists on a compatible license or is in the public domain.
  • Remember if you include content from another source on this license you must credit that source.
  • No content illegal in the USA (where the webserver is based) or the UK (where the webmaster lives). If in doubt, don't post.


  • No authoritarian propaganda.


  • Write from an anti-authoritarian perspective where relevant.
  • All articles should have practitioners of the various occult and esoteric arts as their target audience. (Although this does not mean all content should have occult or esoteric themes).
  • Articles in the format SomeSubject should be general information about the subject.
  • Opinion article titles in the format AuthorName_ArticleTitle and should be listed in Articles.
  • Books:
    • Only 'out of copyright', public domain, or CC-BY-SA license compatible books should be included.
    • Books should all be listed in the Library
    • Book page tiles should be in one of the following formats:
      • BookTitle if the book is authorless or multi author and can easily fit in one wikipage.
      • AuthorName_BookTitle if the book can fit on one page and has one author.
      • BookTitle_ChapterTitle or AuthorName_BookTitle_ChapterTitle if it needs to be divided into chapters.

Style Guidelines

  • User Pages:
    • Do what you will with your user pages.
  • Articles:
    • Make as easy to read as possible.
    • Add links where relevant to other content.
    • Avoid the verb 'to be'. Articles in E-Prime prefered, but don't stress to much about this, as rewording can take place later.
  • Previously Published Articles:
    • Keep original text for historical reference. Alterable versions can be made on new page.
  • Books in Library:
    • For historical or previously published works, keep original wording and if possible include images.
    • For collaborative book projects, adhere to the specifications of the project. Each project may vary greatly in specifications.
    • Because of the licensing, all books may be branched to form new projects, including historical works and other projects.
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