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Welcome to the KIAwiki community. Here you can suggest projects you would like to see developed on the KIAwiki, in addition to seeing what changes others have requested that you might be able to help with.



Feel free to add nodes to our list of nodes. These are groups in the world where members (and others) gather for socialising or working together in various ways.

Planned Updates

I plan to activate url aliasing so that instead of the url will be Its a small difference, but it will look much tidier and be much easier to remember. Of course, thats something I'll have to set up. There is plenty of work for others to do.

To Do

Since this is a new wiki, there is a lot to do.

First of, we need portal pages for the four main sections of the website, Sorcery, Occulture, Philosophy and Technology. So far the Sorcery Portal has really taken shape, and we should aspire to make the other three portals as good. The format and layout can be used as a kind of guideline for the others.

After thats done, see our Special:Wantedpages list for other articles that need writing.

Opinion Articles

Opinion article contributions are also welcome, if you don't mind them being edited and revised. I suggest however, that we adopt a naming convention for such articles, at least in terms of the wiki article name. That is they should look something like AuthorName_ArticleName. I have added a couple of my articles using this format.


Also, I notice we have a book section in the library. To avoid confusion with page names, if the book is short, it is best if the entire text can be contained on one page. If it is longer, then breaking down into chapters may be necessary. If so, best to label them as BookTitle_ChapterTitle or AuthorName_BookTitle_ChapterTitle. This prevents mess occuring where a book chapter title conflicts with existing KIAwiki articles, or other books that may have the same chapter title.


Be on the look out for pages that are duplicating effort and can be merged, pages that are out of date and need updating, pages that contain authoritarian propaganda and other kinds of vandalism to the site, and other things that need to be corrected to help the KIAwiki achieve its goals of serving Occulture and Individual Sovereignty whilst opposing authoritarianism in all its forms.

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