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This project was started by Spiral in October 2011, in response to a campaign for funding from KIA. The initial intent was sparked by concern that kiamagic.com needed new sources of funding, but grew into something more than that.



The intent of this wealth magic working was not to 'get rich' in the sense of 'making lots of money' but rather to enable participants to realise their own personal path to the wealth of greater wellbeing and pleasure through means true to themselves. To decrease illth. To reach understand of ones own True Will, and reach happiness by changing ones life in such ways to be more in accord with ones true desires.



We began by each performing divination on how best to proceed, each using our own preferred methods and sharing the results.


The next stage of the rite consisted of each member working alone on a contribution to a collaborative video sigil. Each member could contribute something, no matter how small, be it a photo, some sound, a sigil, a drawing, or whatever.

Video Sigil

Finally Lolita and Anton constructed a video from all the contributions, to be watched as a sigil whenever needed.

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