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The 2015 version of the KIA Logo by Janice Duke.

As a decentralised egregore, KIA has no official logo. The closest thing to an official logo are the ones used by this website.



Agents and cells may use any of these to represent the egregore, modified or unmodified. They may also create their own representations of the egregore, either inspired by any of these, or completely from scratch. They may also incorporate these logos into designs that represent their own cell.


KIA has had many logos so far, four of which used on this website, others used by individual agents and independent cells. Of those used by this website, two originate from the Kaotic Illuminated Adepts, a third from the launch of the KIA Illuminated Adepts and a forth from KIA Invisible Adepts.

Original KIA Logo

The original logo, officially launched on Febuary 9th 2001, was a simple affair, consisting of a Sigil of Chaos that encompassed an eye in a triangle and Austin Osman Spare's glyph representing his concept of Kia. The line art was hand drawn by Anton Channing, who scanned this and coloured it digitally. This combined three elements of the name Kaotic Illuminated Adepts, namely Kaos, the Illuminati and the concept of Kia.


Second KIA logo

By 2003 it was felt by some that the old logo was a little plain and scruffy and so Anton drew a new version which he coloured by hand. In addition to being a lot more colourful, even psychedelic, it was also a lot more stylised. The eight arrows of the chaos sigil were rendered as tentacles for example.


The 2006 version of the KIA Logo.

In 2006, Anton branched out from the original Kaotic Illuminated Adepts group and formed a new similar group called KIA Illuminated Adepts. To coincide with the dropping of the word 'Kaotic' from the name, Anton also dropped the sigil of chaos from the logo. Other changes included:

  • Inverting the illuminati sigil and turning eye on its side giving it a vaginal look.
  • Turning the glyph representing Kia into a form of Oroborus.

The 2015 version of the KIA Logo by Janice Duke.

The transformation of the single downwards pointing triangle into a hexagram or shatkona began in early 2009, this form appearing on an update to the KIA Egregore doll. However it would take another six years, and the artistic contribution of Janice Duke, to update the main KIA logo into this form. Gold replaces red, silver replaces white, and the initials K, I and A appear on the upwards pointing triangle.

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