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The library consists of out of copyright or free cultural texts that are hosted here on the wiki. However these works do not currently serve as a list of recommended reading. See also our list of articles.



  • Aesch Mezareph The Purifying Fire, a kabbalistic text on alchemy by Christian Knorr von Rosenroth.
  • The Book of Lambspring A Noble Ancient Philosopher, Concerning the Philosophical Stone; Rendered into Latin Verse by Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas, Doctor of Medicine, a zealous Student of this Art.
  • Chymicall treatise of Arnoldus A Chymicall treatise of the Ancient and highly illuminated Philosopher, Devine and Physitian, Arnoldus de Nova Villa...
  • The Leyden X Papyrus A Late Egyptian compendium of Alchemical and Chemical techniques.
  • Monas Hieroglyphica The renowned British alchemist and mathematician Dr. John Dee wrote this treatise in thirteen days in 1564. The essay
  • Splendour Solis The Splendor of the Sun, a 16th century illuminated alchemical manuscript considered to be by Salomon Trismosin.explains his discovery of the monad (unity) underlying the universe as expressed in a hieroglyph or symbol.
  • Turba Philosophorum One of the earliest Latin alchemical texts, possibly dating from the 12th century.





  • Pseudomonarchia Daemonum published as appendix to De Praestigiis Daemonum et Incantationibus ac Venificiis, 1577
  • KIA Nano Daemon Bots A collaborative grimoir written by KIA members utilising a mad scientist paradigm and servitors visualised as nano-bots. Work started 2012.


  • Pistis Sophia A Gnostic Miscellany, Being for the Most Part Extracts from the Books of the Saviour, to Which Are Added Excerpts from a Cognate Literature
  • Seven Sermons to the Dead Transcribed by Carl Gustav Jung 1916


Austin Osman Spare


  • Al Jilwah by Isya Joseph - as extracted from the 1909 American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures

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