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Kia appears as a concept in the writings of Austin Osman Spare as perhaps the supreme mystical concept transcendent of duality. We can see in it a concept resembling the Tao of Taoism. We might also compare it to concepts such as the ether, quintessence, the fifth element, Chi, the hermaphrodite, the androgyne, the mercury of the tria prima, the alchemical hen to pan and other symbols that refer to transcendence of duality, and or to the life force.


Iao first appears as a name of God in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the Greek form ιαω. This is a Greek form of the Hebrew trigrammaton YHW. Iao was also a magic cry in the Greek mystery cults and became the name of one of the seven Gnostic archons, corresponding to the planet Jupiter. It also echoes the words of Christ 'I am the Alpha and Omega'. Aleister Crowley incorporated the formula as initials for Isis, Apophis and Osiris. Depending on which system of correspondences you like, it is a reference to Sol--Luna--Saturn or the reverse.


Short form


  1. Stand still with one arming pointing upwards and one downwards, like in the picture of Baphomet by Eliphas Levi.
  2. Take a deep breath inwards.
  3. On the out-breath vibrate the word 'Kia', like 'Kiiiiiiaaaaaaaaa'.
  4. Visualise Austin Osman Spare's glyph for Kia over your heart chakra.


  1. Raise both hands above your head, palms together, as you breath in deeply.
  2. On the out-breath vibrate the vowel 'I', like 'Iiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee'. High pitch.
  3. Visualise a pillar or axis of light extending from your heart up to the heavens and down deep into the earth.


  1. Lower both arms so that they point outwards to your left and right, forming a cross, as you breath in deeply.
  2. Vibrate the vowel 'A' on the out-breath, like 'Aaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh'. Medium pitch.
  3. Visualise a horizontal axis of light that crosses the vertical one exactly at your heart chakra.


  1. Lower both arms, bending the elbows and form an 'O' with the hands, such that your thumbs are close to your solar plexus and your fingers near your navel. Breath in deeply as you do so.
  2. On the out-breath, vibrate the vowel 'O', like 'Oooooooooooooooooooo'. Low pitch.
  3. Visualise yourself, (or the ritual space), enclosed in an egg, about which circles an Ouroborus.

Long form

  1. Stand facing the altar, or your chosen primary direction, and perform the short form as above, then turn 90˚ to your left.
  2. Perform just the I, A and O parts, and turn left again.
  3. Repeat last step until you end facing the altar or primary direction.
  4. Perform just the Kia part one last time.


Some of those who practise this ritual share their results. You are invited to do the same in a spirit of Free and Open Illuminism.

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