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Kaotic Illuminated Adepts

On February 9th 2001 the KIA Birth Rite was performed by a group of magicians in Norwich (including myself). The idea was to unleash a non-hierarchical magical networking organisation upon the world negating the need for magicians to join magical orders in order to practise group magic, whilst leaving open that option for those that want to.

Obviously this was just the official launch of a group that had been planning the formation of KIA for several months. Whilst the Norwich members already knew each other from involvement in the IOT, the idea of KIA arose from international online discussions on At the time this was the official website of the Japanese section of the IOT.

To begin with KIA formed a yahoo group for the purpose of posting the membership list, and originally posting to the list was disabled, but after a certain amount of time passed the list was opened up. KIA also opened a website. Originally this was hosted on a subdomain of, namely but later aquired its own domain.

KIA Speaks

One of the websites most notable and innovative features was its KIA Speaks page which combined a selection of three random alchemical symbols with five randomly selected quotes chosen by KIA members. At the time, each member of KIA was allowed to submit up to five quotes to put into the program, and most did.

For a while the selection of online tools were not available, and no new quotes were collected since January 2002. For a while you could still use the original device on, but this is no longer available. However, on April 20th 2014 KIA Speaks was restored and agents can add quotes to it as simply as leaving a comment on a blog post.

KIA Illuminated Adepts

KIA Illuminated Adepts was formed on Wednesday 8th March 2006 by Anton Channing, and participants initially included some members of the Kaotic Illuminated Adepts. The Kaotic Illuminated Adepts continued as a YahooGroup. This marked a transition away from Chaos Magic as a common factor for membership towards a more inclusive policy accepting all practitioners of the sorcerous arts.

Historic Post

This is the post Anton made on the day, announcing the transition

For various reasons I have replaced the word 'Kaotic' in KIA with 'KIA'. This now means that the acronym KIA stands for KIA Illuminated Adepts and is a recursive acronym, giving a nod to such anarchic techie types as the bods at GNU (which stands for GNU's Not Unix) and other famous recursive acronyms.
Those who wish to refer to themselves as 'Kaotic Illuminated Adepts' may of course still do so, but I have now reduced this to a sub-movement of KIA as a whole.
My reasons for doing this are many fold. First up, when KIA started, it included the term 'Kaotic' in reference to the fact that it was intended to be a Chaos Magic order, since that is what its founders were interested in at the time. Since then KIA has grown and expanded and many members have never considered themselves to be a chaos magician in the first place, and others, such as myself, have begun to feel that the 'Chaos' movement has become too restrictive and that its time to move on. On the other hand, other members still are into chaos in various ways, and it is not my intention to exclude them, just to widen the scope of what KIA can be.
KIA cannot and should not, be an organisation of purists. With this in mind I hope to welcome all non-dogmatic sorcerers, magicians and practitioners of witchcraft, regardless of their chosen ritual expression and mode of practise. I hope you are all with me on this move, and agree that its a change for the better, reflecting what KIA has become, rather than what it once was...

Logo Change

This change was later reflected in a change of imagery. The previous two KIA Logos had incorporated the Sigil of Chaos into the design, but this was missing from the logo released in 2006.

KIA Invisible Agents

March 27 2013 saw Anton initiated a discussion about wording changes to make KIA less stuffy. This lead to the group adopting the name KIA Invisible Agents. However, agents are free to adopt the use of whichever KIA acronym they favour, and referring to themselves as an agent is optional.

Logo change

The first new logo since the change of name came in 2015 courtesy of artist and KIA agent, Janice Duke.

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