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Some things you might like to do, to help you find you way around KIA...


Get dressed!

A like a new born babe born naked into this world, Agents of KIA, when they first activate an account on the website, arrive without a personalised avatar. As beautiful as the default dragon ouroboros avatar is, you may wish to express a bit more originality. Luckily the How to upload an avatar article explains how to dress yourself up in an avatar of your own choosing.

Visit the forums

A good place to get started on KIA is the forums. Its the more relaxed part of the website where agents chill, mess around, share ideas and get creative. Check out the Welcome to the KIA forums thread for more information.

Make posts and comments with bling

You may notice other agents posting comments with bold, italic and other fancy text. Maybe links or embedded Youtube videos. Want to know how to do these things? Check out how to use bbCode and smilies in your posts. bbCode and smilies work in Posts, Comments and forums, but not here in the wiki.

Community moderation

Posts and comments from registered agents lack moderation. Comments from new external sources are usually approved if they are on topic and not spam. However this does not mean all comments are constructive all the time, or that KIA hasn't in the past suffered from jerks. Nothing can ruin a thread more than some jerk posting long agenda ridden comments full of personal attacks on other members and disrespecting their viewpoints.

Because of this we introduced a community moderation scheme where registered agents can vote on a comments worth, granting it a 'Sex' vote if they like it, or a 'Hex' vote if they think it should be hidden from view. Since the introduction of this scheme, we have lacked the presence of any annoying characters, so it really is worth giving your support.

Contribute to the KIA Speaks egregore

Help the egregore grow by adding a few quotes to those that get randomly selected when someone visits the KIA Speaks page or uses the [kiaspeaks] tag in a comment.

Create your own site on KIA

KIA can host your magic related blog or other site if you wish. You can choose a sub-domain, or point your own domain name at us. If you choose a subdomain, it has the advantage of making it easy for KIA agents to post comments on your blogs. The site management interface should be familiar to anyone that has used wordpress software. Posts on your new blog will appear on in the main home page.

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