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Frequently Asked Questions

I always think FAQs are a bit of a lie, as I suspect most of them are written before anyone has even asked a question. Thus there are more attempts to pre-empt imagined possible questions rather than answers to questions that have already been asked. This does not mean they are without value however, and I suspect any question that does get asked a lot probably ends up being added to the FAQ if there is one, so the lie is forgivable. For this reason I am starting one. Some of these questions have even been asked once...

Q. How do I find other users?

A. There are many ways to find other users, ranging from looking to see who has introduced themselves in the forum, who is currently online (visible at the bottom of most network pages), to browsing through the complete user list. If you have added tags in your profile, or on a blog posting, you can click on that tag to see who else has used it in their profiles or blogs. You can also find communities in this way, which can introduce you to groups with special interests you may share with them.

Q. How do I view recent blog entries?

A. On the front page, the last ten blogs from the main site appear, most recent first. Blogs by specific users for the top 12 bloggers on the main network site can be reached by clicking on their 'top blogger' icon near the top right of the home page. The latest post from each site on the network can be read by viewing the 'Sites' page.

Q. What can the wiki be used for?

A. Out of copyright, public domain, creative commons and gnu free document licensed articles, images, books etc that are relevent to occulture. To contribute, either add new material, or edit and correct existing material where you see errors have crept in...

Q. What is the difference between the forum and blogs?

A. New blog posts appear on the front page. The forum is a prettier interface for discussions. Blog posts are listed from your profile and have a personal rss stream. Use which ever one suits your purposes. There are no hard and fast rules as to which one to use for what kind of posts.

Q. Where can I find help on how to do certain things?

A. Articles in the help category explain how to do a number of useful things, such as how to make you posts look pretty, embed videos, creating a subsite, adding your external site to your activity stream, resetting your password and uploading your avatar.



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