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Earth Inferno: Foreword

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In venturing to submit this, the firt collection of Drawings,

to AUSTIN SPARE'S few friends and admirers, we can

only hope for the kindly reception that so many have


The Text is not intended to fully explain, and the

reader must be left to place his own interpretation upon the

illustration, which is not grotesque for the sake of originality,

but representative of the "Inferno" of the Earth emblematical

in Art.

In turning contemptuously, as many will, from these

Spare creations, remember - they can not be proved to be

senseless, although they may seem so to us.

Who can appreciate the wonders of dreamers ? However,

we can not fail to see how far removed is the conception of

Earth here presented from the accepted theory.

Lastly, these pictorial writings in allegory are to convey no

morals or sentiments, but are a Song of Experience, and of

the Negative.


Earth Inferno

Austin Osman Spare
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