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..... eTHErSEC *


"You have been led to believe that what you are now is the sum of all parts. That you are a product of your environment. That you are unable to expand past the limits imposed upon you by the System. This is a lie."

An Anonymous magical operation to hack spiritual belief. Originally spread using the hashtags #OpEpoch and #eTHErSEC, the initial documents spread were posted anonymously to pastebin. OpEpoch apparently stands for 'Operation Evolving People Over Current Hostilities'.

“We cannot be checkmated, because we have no King. We will not fall to the dooms of tyranny because we do not believe in Pawns.”

Agents of KIA first got involved with eTHErSEC during Project Mayhem 2012, at least publically. We can neither deny nor confirm that any of our agents were involved before that. Operation Intruder also seems to have eTHErSEC connections.

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