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An Occultural current traced from Primitive Shamanism and Witchcraft, to the Dionysian Mysteries of the Ancient World, through their heirs the radical Orphics and libertine Gnostics of later times, and on into the Dionysianism of Nietzsche and his contemporaries, as well as those influenced by them in the later Bohemian and Countercultural mileaus of Modernity and Post-Modernity.

The current weaves together alternative culture and consciousness, with libertine occultism, wild neo-paganism and psychedelia, as well as a heady mix of experimental art and magic and a radical political consciousness born from a 'queer' stance, balenced, ecological awareness and a left-libertarian perspective (remembering and honouring the Slave Revolts of Spartacus and other Dionysian initiates, as well as the autonomy of Dionysian aristocrats such as Alexander the Great). All of which is considered of the same spiritual source.

Magic is seen as a form of Art and Art a form of Magic in the Dionysian Cultural Tradition, which recognises the role of Dionysos in the evolution of the Theatre, Dance, Music and the Dynamic Arts.

Its keywords are Life, Creativity, Spontaneity, the Hedonic, Ecstacy, Liberation, Rebellion, Dynamism, Flux, Becoming, Equality, Unity, Communion, Community, Soul, Individuation, Desire, Sex, Love, Humour, Immanence, Non-Dualism, Catharsis, Anarchy, Chaos, Violence, Destruction and Death. The Lunar Principle.

As a Non-Dualist current it also recognises its opposite the Apollonian (the Solar principle of Order, Harmony, Joy, Moderation, Reason, Peace, Conservation, Solemnity, Habit, Law, Fixation, Stability, Form, Being, Transcendence, Spirit, Will, Ego and Power) and the need to subsume this within or under the Dionysian. While also recognising the importance of the revolutionary ascendency of the Dionysian in our present Hyper-Apollonian Dystopia.

Many groups and individuals work with this current in part or whole, one association specialising in its furtherance and full manifestation is the Dionysian Underground network.

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