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Jaq D Hawkins
  • Women of Power:The Woman As Magus
  • Dance of the Goblins
  • Chaos Monkey
  • Spirits of the Aether
  • Spirits of the Water
  • Spirits of the Fire
  • Spirits of the Air
  • Spirits of the Earth
  • Understanding Chaos Magic
Chaos Monkey.jpg

by Jaq D Hawkins ISBN 9781869928834

Published in 2003.

Book Cover (©Jaq D Hawkins and Anton Channing)

Internal Illustrations

Some rights reserved. These illustrations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Chaos Monkey with Baby.jpg Chaos Monkey Warning.jpg Chaos Monkey and Magician.jpg Chaos Monkey and Penguins.jpg Chaos Monkey Jester.jpg Chaos Monkey Stele.jpg Chaos Monkey Summons a Dragon.jpg Chaos Monkey Banana Raider.jpg Chaos Monkey Matrix.jpg Chaos Monkey Teacher.jpg

Blurb from back of book

This is a book of magic, but also a guidebook on how to survive the natural chaos which plagues those who choose the magical path ... or more precisely are chosen by it. With a pinch of humour and a dash of irony, Ms Hawkins offers us an alternate perspective of the perversities of magic we all know too well, personified as the Monkey, the trickster image which represents the convoluted landscape of life which the magical path leads us through. With some practical advice and basic spells designed to work within the very world of chaos wherein magic finds its direction, this book is a simple yet unequalled sourcebook for dealing with the unpredictability of magic in a multiverse of natural chaos, the realm of The Chaos Monkey.


  • Forward - The Great Work and The Great Play by Anton Channing
  • Pretentious Prologue
  • 1. Born to Magic
  • 2. Discovering the Monkey
  • 3. Is there anybody out there?
  • 4. Getting hold of your Monkey
  • 5. The Monkey is on the loose again!
  • 6. Whose Monkey is it anyway?
  • 7. Creating magic from Primordial Chaos
  • 8. Wrestling the Monkey
  • 9. Making peace with the Monkey
  • 10. Magic Happens
  • 11. Measuring the Monkey
  • 12. The Chaos in the Monkey
  • 13. Focusing your Monkey
  • Spell and methods Index
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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