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Supporting KIA

Help spread the word.

If you have a website or blog, remember to include a link a link to your KIA profile in your list of online profiles, especially if the site is related to KIA’s subject matter. Make buttons, banners and other fun graphics from our logos (they are all creative commons attribution share-alike), and include them in your lists of buttons and site links. Follow our twitter feed, facebook page and/or tumblr, and like, retweet and reblog our content. Discuss our articles on various forums and mailing lists. And above all, participate here on the site!

Registering as a KIA agent is free and the site takes no money for adverts, although agents are free to promote their products but running the KIA server costs real money.  As KIA expands and the demands on the server increase, so will the costs.  Membership is free and we host no advertising. So helping to ensure the continued existence of this resource financially is also welcome. There are a number of ways you can do this…


Currently all costs associated with the site, such as hosting, domain name renewal and time spent on development and maintenance, are born by Anton and Dana. Therefore, supporting their respective Patreon campaigns directly helps support the continued existence of KIA, as well as encouraging them to continue producing great content. You do value their content right?

Support Anton’s campaign and you encourage them to publish quality articles on a regular monthly basis, and improve the range and capabilities of our cybermagic software.

Watch out for the launch of Dana’s campaign in the near future. It will relate to her film, music and audio projects, such as alchemical.tv and Glen Faramach.


All donations received will go towards the running costs of the current server.  Should we raise more than the current running costs (unlikely), we will use the money to fund future service in advance.

Purchasing KIA Kredits

You can donate by purchasing KIA Kredits directly via PayPal. These measure your contribution to KIA and can be earned through participation, but you can also buy them. They don’t do much at the moment (so in effect they are like a donation), but rumours have it that secret areas of the forum are reserved for those with a high enough KIA Kredit score…

Number of KIA Kredits to purchase (at 23p per kredit):

Buy stuff

Profits from the sales of goods related to KIA will support running costs.

WhIP (When Illuminated Press) is KIAs in house publisher. We released our first book, Chemical Serpents, a couple of years ago, which is currently available in two editions, but more books, booklets and more authors are lined up for publishing in the very near future. Buying these books is a great way to support KIA and get something great to read with quality artwork into the bargain…

Trollkona Crafts is Dana’s etsy shop. Here you can buy KIA related handmade pendants, wire nessie ornaments and other magical creations of wire, felt and stones.

Our CafePress shops…

You can also check out our range of designs on cafe press products, such as tshirts, hoodies, mugs etc…

Share a picture of yourself with the purchased item, or a link to a review of one of WhIPs books on your blog, goodreads or amazon, to earn bonus KIA Kredits. Even if the review is bad. We aren’t trying to purchase good reviews here.