Klowns teaching Illicit Arithmeticians



What we have rules?  Well not so many really, and the ones we do are basically to ensure the website owner doesn’t abuse the power of their position.  Hopefully this clarifies the current state of play.

  • Technical Special Agent: Anton Channing
  • KIA core sites: The main site, all subsites listed in the footer menu, plus also the egregore site.
  1. Changes to these rules can be made via discussion and reaching consensus in the Proposals forum.
  2. Consensus is currently defined as unanimous agreement of all agents in the Proposals forum, or no objections to the proposal for 1 month.  If only one objection remains after a further month of discussions, then this can be considered consensus, although an attempt to reach full consensus is to be preferred.
  3. An agent can only be placed under moderation or banned via consensus in the Proposals group.  Generally moderation is preferred in most cases, with banning intended only as a measure of last resort. The Technical Special Agent is currently barred from making such proposals.
  4. A blogger is free to delete any comments left on their own sub-sites.  Activity stream replies, forum posts and comments on the KIA core sites can only be deleted via proposal and consensus in the Proposals forum.  Regardless, blog comments can be hidden via the Sex or Hex community moderation feature.  In most cases this is to be preferred with actual deletion a last resort for cases of personal attack, defamation and general bigotry.
  5. Currently a post is hidden if it receives two more hexes than sexes, and is highlighted as loved if it receives three more sexes than hexes.  These numbers can be changed via proposal and consensus in the Proposals forum.

Sock Puppets

There is no rule concerning sock puppets. However the view of the Technical Special Agent is that they are a form of exploring evocation and invocation in a cyber-magick sense. Thus feel free to create and use as many sock puppet accounts as you desire.