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    So, i am in need of help here. Has anyone got any tips for creating an egregore? I have looked up about them on lots of different pages, but i think that it is best to hear advice from actual people, not just […]

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  • Group logo of X Projects
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    X Projects were experimental projects, which were wildly successful. This group will approach experimental magick in that spirit. Any ideas? What do you want to do with your magic?

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  • Group logo of Proposals
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    A site where proposals for action or changes in rules can be discussed, voted on and dismissed or agreed upon by all members of the site.

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  • Group logo of Bugs
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    Found any bugs on the website? Having problems with any feature? Report the bug [strike]here[/strike] along with your browser version (for example FireFox 5, IE9, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Dolphin HD, Android […]

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  • Group logo of GRAAL
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    GRAAL Regenerative and Anarchic Alchemists Lab
    For the exploration all aspects of Anarchy, Alchemy, Transformation and Regeneration

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