Kleptomaniac Idiotic Agayu

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Matches from Liber AL:
  1. Every man and every
  2. than me, and my lord Hadit.
  3. by my name Nuit, and
  4. the consciousness of
  5. consciousness of the
  6. the joys of my love will
  7. priest fell into a
  8. is for all This that thou
  9. shall be the whole of the
  10. the whole of the Law. The
  11. whole of the Law. The word of
  12. bond that can unite
  13. so that all disappear. My
  14. they the Ox and none
  15. not of me Let Asar be
  16. sufferer; Hoor in his
  17. is a word to say about the
  18. task. Behold! there are
  19. three ordeals in one,
  20. take your fill and will of
  21. my tongue, unto whom
  22. The child of thy bowels,
  23. Temple To me! To
  24. in her love-chant Sing
  25. the complement
  26. am everywhere, the
  27. circumference,
  28. let the good ones be
  29. done; but there is
  30. is nine by the fools;
  31. there is a further
  32. kinsfolk. Is a God to live
  33. No! but the highest
  34. fire, are of us. We have
  35. o king, upon that lie:
  36. Hadit Ra-Hoor- Khuit. The
  37. all. It is a lie, this folly
  38. deny thee for this.
  39. are also of my friends who
  40. Love one another with
  41. perish with the dogs
  42. ever! If Will stops and
  43. for there is a factor
  44. writing of the Book
  45. Law. A feast for Tahuti and
  46. Supreme Ritual, and
  47. not. Pity not the
  48. gleam is in my eyes
  49. my eyes my spangles
  50. virtuous words: these
  51. thou shalt look upon with
  52. my honour ye shall laugh not
  53. filthy shall be filthy
  54. There is none that
  55. all is ever as it was. Yet
  56. splendour rapture!
  57. lovely: whoso seeth it shall
  58. shall be the strength
  59. numbers the words: A B K A
  60. tell them this glad word.
  61. is division hither
  62. none shall stand before
  63. it in thy secret
  64. in locked glass for a proof
  65. from the ill-ordered
  66. the ill-ordered house
  67. in the Victorious
  68. warrior, I will give you
  69. not now. Ye shall see that
  70. hour, o blessed Beast, and
  71. curses. Ye, even ye,
  72. thee to do this. The
  73. other images group
  74. Beast his Bride are
  75. it be laid before
  76. lust power of lust in
  77. be they long kept
  78. the double-wanded one
  79. arise, and bring fresh
  80. the word of Heru-ra-ha, called
  81. and I The inspired
  82. I invoke, I greet
  83. before Thee:- I, I
  84. stir me or still me!
  85. the comment? That
  86. I am Ra-Hoor-Khuit and I am
  87. not: convert not: talk
  88. convert not: talk not
  89. turn and strike! Be
  90. pity and compassion
  91. my way. Let her work the
  92. I will fill her with joy:
  93. see strike at the
  94. go on, in my strength
  95. who shall discover the key
  96. thereby alone can he
  97. of men. Curse them!
  98. Buddhist, Mongol and Din.
  99. inviolate be torn
  100. love's. Despise also all cowards;
  101. me come ye through
  102. Lord of the Double Wand of
  103. splendor in my name