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Matches from Liber AL:
  1. The manifestation
  2. my secret centre,
  3. secret centre, my
  4. the gemmed azure is
  5. gemmed azure is The
  6. The winged globe, the
  7. winged secret flame
  8. no difference made
  9. this, let him be the
  10. I, and what shall be the sign. So
  11. lovely hands upon the black
  12. and her soft feet not
  13. the world that the pain
  14. the pain of division
  15. give, by all I desire of
  16. of Heaven Write unto
  17. He must teach; but he
  18. calls us Thelemites will
  19. is Restriction. O Man!
  20. thy will Do that and no other
  21. nay, are none! Nothing is
  22. half: unite by thine
  23. his one one one: are not
  24. the other. There are
  25. goodly therefore: dress
  26. and joy of earth: ever To
  27. therein. The child of
  28. house cometh that child.
  29. all prophets true; save
  30. love; for there are love
  31. mystery of the House
  32. my Book are aright; but
  33. circle is Red. My colour
  34. of women and spices; ye
  35. always in the love of me, and
  36. you I yearn to you. Pale
  37. burn with desire as she
  38. The Manifestation
  39. am the complement
  40. cube in the circle.
  41. but with the just I
  42. We are not for the poor
  43. shall rejoice, our chosen: who
  44. them die in their
  45. at Victorious armies,
  46. Victorious armies, at
  47. lust of your pride in
  48. is great danger in me;
  49. Because! Be he damned
  50. feast for the three
  51. the pall of death: this is
  52. prophet, when these
  53. even though ye laugh in
  54. concealed! Say you so? Fool! If
  55. come in our splendour
  56. working! Thrill with the
  57. heart rejoice! We are
  58. thy rapture! If thou
  59. if thou love, exceed
  60. joyous, let there be
  61. that lives long desires
  62. the numbers the words:
  63. T O V A L. What meaneth this, o
  64. Thou knowest not, nor shalt
  65. knowest not, nor shalt thou
  66. like unto thee among
  67. shall surpass the stars. They
  68. surpass the stars. They shall
  69. Spelling is defunct;
  70. With it ye shall smite
  71. it shall be your Kiblah for
  72. Scarlet Concubine of
  73. to undergo the curses.
  74. force, vigor of your arms.
  75. one thou knowest. And it
  76. mix meal honey thick
  77. burn: of this make cakes
  78. sacred unto me. These
  79. place shall be untouched
  80. though with fire and sword
  81. the Great Equinox,
  82. the skies; another woman
  83. skies; another woman shall awake
  84. are truth. I invoke, I
  85. Thee:- I, I adore thee!
  86. shall make to establish thy
  87. I have made a secret door
  88. and thy comment upon
  89. vengeance be known. I
  90. and die cold and an-hungered.
  91. adulterous; let her be
  92. Hadit. I am the warrior Lord
  93. the Eighties cower
  94. courage is your armour; go
  95. on, in my strength ye
  96. one another: in these
  97. seek to try: but one
  98. also. And Abrahadabra. It shall be his
  99. strangely. Let him not
  100. face of Mohammed blind
  101. and the proud, the royal and
  102. lofty; ye are brothers!
  103. end of the word of the God
  104. he understandeth it
  105. at hand I am the Lord of the
  106. of Power the wand of the
  107. from right to left and
  108. right to left and from
  109. There is a splendor in
  110. Abrahadabra. The Book of the