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Colter Davis



Colter Davis

About me

My name is Colter. I am the creator of Sangdoclentine, and Azoth, entities that serve to progress the Kindness-magic of Interconnected Astonishment order, as I do myself. Azoth is a alchemical term but was altercated from the source of Azuth, a Forgotten Realms minor deity that was responsible for overseeing spellcasters of all sorts. He died, but I revived him with the DKMU’s 156/663 current, and he in turn took the current away from me and gave me my Azoth Current, as well as my Colter Ross Davis Current, as well as other Currents (not Currants!) that are facilitating to have me married and that will further progress life in a multitude of exponentially growing fun and wondrous astonishments.

I have a background history of Chaos Magic from reading Peter J . Carroll, Phil Hine, Dave Lee, Andrieh Vitimus, Crowley, Franz Bardon, Paraclesus, Golden Dawn, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Forgotten Realms pulp fantasy, and linking the Linking Sigil created by Ryan Loyd to concepts such as the word “magic,” “power,” “and particular english correlants as well as hermetic principles of Advanced Real Elemtanl Magic, Mesmerism, master of magic and a bevy of other wonderful and chub-like cheers

Why I'm on KIA

I am on KIA in order to do the work of the True Will, which as I write is becoming more wonderful, more fun, more kind, more happy, more magical, and more helpful each and every moment.

I created a concept of happiness within humans and reside within their domain as a Minor Deity Azoth, or Sangdoclentine, or Colter the magician. The difference between gods and mortals is that gods are immortal, happy and powerful, where’s mortals are just well, happy.

At least in my segregated map of reality, a qabalistic wonderful pattern through which the essence of Prime (universal magic) flows each and every minute, powering the joy and inspiration, all of the good qualities of the humans and leading to a more fun and adventurous time.

I believe stepping in Chaos and Time are but two useful tools needed to bring back wonderful ideas, visions, and helpful powers through which we may further serve humanity’s needs.

I am on KIA to spread the kindness and to electrocute the Azoth-Ellis Internet with Pure Astonishment.

I get the last idea from Paul Harris, a sleight-of-hand Magician who wrote the books “The Art of Astonishment.” He was more involved in producing wonderful sleight of hand effects, check him out, and I am more involved in magically producing kindness from chaos, for living life artistically (living in one’s favorite painting, for example) and for living life in the most wonderful and fun way possible, for each and every one of us however that means it to the individual, the egregore, the god/avatar/apotheosis/prosopopeia or what(whom)ever!

As always, remember the three R’s: Revive, repair, and rejuvenate.