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About me

My current magick revolves around birds, seals, rats, Trolls, UFO’s, the Chaosphere Magic system, Loch Ness, elements, tarot, meditation, psychedelics, oils and incenses, natural cosmetics, dreams, woods and trees. I have a close relationship with Set, Venus, Ganesha, Baphomet, Yemaya and Jezibaba.

My roots magickally are in (chronologically ordered) Catholicizm, Taoism, Shamanism, Wicca, Thelema and Chaos Magic. I feel inspired by Tibetan Buddhism, Existential Philosophy, Satanism, Da Da and the Surrealist movement. I do not associate myself with any one path. I became a part of the Free Illuminism movement in last years. I appreciate sharing magick on a non autoritarian basis. I consider myself agnostic and anarchist.

I love spending time outdoors and this is reflected in lots of magick I do. I like travelling and discovering new places of magickal strength and unusual energy.

I like trying new things and changing my old habbits.

I have a second peronality/persona called agent V. She’s here on KIA as well. Please refer to us separetly.

I am currently working on a few different projects which are at different stages of development.

I love making and watching films that relate to mysticism, magick and occult. My inspirations amongs many are films by Werner Hertzog, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Kenneth Anger, Maya Deren, Jan Svankmajer, David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovsky. I create my films together with @Anton cooperating with friends and family some of them here on KIA (@Hippi) and produce them under the name Alchemica.tv


Another project I’m involved in is Glen Faramach. I find recording sounds a form of awarness meditation. Not only during the recording itself one needs to be perfectly still but also being able to notice interesting sounds in surrounding environment requires hightened awarness.


I am also in a middle of writing couple of books. One dedicated to Abramelin Oil and incense and the other to Bird Magick.

I began my Abramelin Oil book in 2008 and it’s still in loose chunks far from being finished. I find the subject vast and fascinating and prefer to carry on researching and trying things out before atttempting to put it all together. I created Abramelin wiki dedicated to this project.


Bird Magick began in 2012 and at the moment is also at the research and trying out phase as I get to know birds a little better and learn from their wisdom. This book is hatching and it will take a while before it will grow wings. It’s really fun to do. You can find some brief notes and ideas that can make it to the book on my bloggsite.


Glen Faramach project includes many bird recordings and is sure to enrich the Bird Magick.

I am also cooperating on the books Demonomicon and Chaosphere Magick with @Anton.

I can get into activism and politics from time to time. I sometimes post things on twitter

Here are my old and new sites with some of the things I’m up to. I see them as form of a sigil that’s there working on my behalf.