Abramelin oil research
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Abramelin Oil Research


Following is the list of combinations I have tested so far. I decided to use my own proportions for the oil which are loosely based on combination of 2 versions of recipe. One comes from S.M Mathers and the other Guth-Denn versions of the Abramelin text. I decided to use 1 part myrrh to 1 part cassia to 1/2 cinnamon and 1 part galangal/calamus/other. My proportions were 4grams as one part and 2 grams as 1/2 part. I used glass 100ml bottles and after putting in the ingredients I filled the bottles up with Light & Mild olive oil. This I find the best to use as it has little scent of its own. I also experimented with the form of aromatics used. I compared powdered and whole forms also cold and hot oil method. In some recipes I tried the fresh plant material instead of dried forms. With some I experimented with shaking bottle once a day and compared it to oil left still.

  1. Hot oil whole galangal dried, double maceration,
  2. Hot oil whole galangal fresh,
  3. Hot oil whole calamus dried, double maceration,
  4. Hot oil whole dragons blood, gum Arabic,
  5. hot oil powdered dragons blood,
  1. cold oil powdered calamus,
  2. cold oil powdered galangal,
  3. cold oil whole dragons blood,
  4. cold oil powdered dragons blood, gum Arabic,
  5. cold oil whole 1/2 calamus 1/2 galangal,
  6. cold oil whole lemon grass shaken
  7. cold oil whole lemon grass still,

My overall conclusions are that powdered forms are more potent than whole bits, also hot oil method gives a stronger scent than cold oil method. Shaking the bottle gives a little better effect than leaving it still. This applies to all above listed combinations, however in some cases the difference is stronger than in other. Using fresh plant gave slightly different scent to the dried one and the potency is similar to double macerated dried version.

Although some methods produce stronger scent I do not consider them better but merely easier. Multiple maceration can add strength to any of the recipes and although it will take more time it may be worth it. I noticed that each method and ingredient combination used creates slightly different scent and if this slight difference makes one variant preferable to you then I think it will be worth putting extra effort to achieve the desired results.

The following are a detailed comparisons of different versions:

Comparison of oils based on the same ingredients:

  1. galangal oil comparison
  2. calamus oil comparison
  3. dragon's blood oil comparison
  4. dragons blood & gum arabic oil comparison

Comparison of oils based on different ingredients:

  1. calamus & galangal oil comparison
  2. cassia cinnamon & gum arabic oil comparison

Boiling Oil

I used a large quantity of oil to produce a big batch. I kept the same proportions as in my macerated mixtures for comparison. I also used light and mild olive oil. I tried the method using dry, finely powdered ingredients. I brought them to boil and let simmer for a proximately 2 hours, stirring occasionally. After it cooled i sieved it through paper and poured into sterilized bottle. The oil created this way comes out very dark, almost black and it has a sweet, almost smoky, carmely notes similar to Christmas Pudding. The smellof the oil is much more intense than macerated versions.