Spreading Field of Justice. #pm2012 #EtherSec

2012-07-23 23:23 in Projects, Rituals by lolita

I  propose creation of  ‘Justice Field’.

After hearing more troubling and stressful information as such described in my previous blog Fundamentalist Islam and Imperialist trouble. on one hand and getting inspired by more cheerful and uplifting ideas like Project Mayhem 2012 I was reminded of an episode of ‘Red Dwarf’ called ‘Justice’. This led me to an idea for a magickal project  to raise the Field of Justice which would work in precisely the same way as the one in ‘Red Dwarf’ episode (included below). I feel that the problems we all face come from externalising our fears and projecting them onto others. Instead on waging wars we should look into ourselves for the answers.

The preparation for the project begins with 100% honesty. Before the Justice Field can be spread all participants must begin to resolve issues of guilt and shame coming from unfair actions. This could be understood in terms of ones Karma. Such working obviously can be difficult but it should help us all generate very powerful energy. By removing  fear we will be able to unlock our potential. Each participant would look inside of themselves (by utilising any method they wish to)  and pull out the troublesome stuff. Making public and/or private confessions could be a part of it as well as the creation of magickal artefacts to transform the bad feelings into magickal energy. Such an artefact would symbolically bind the released energy so it can later be used in a group event of spreading the Justice Field.

The act of spreading the field will begin with an inauguration ritual that we could all perform roughly at the same time. Ideally we could gather in groups to do so. I suggest KIA Retreat in Foyers to be a perfect time and place for this. Those of you who cant attend this meeting can join us in their homes or places of power and organise their own local meetings. In this ritual we will release energy visualising the justice field surrounding the globe. Art work representing this would be a nice addition. I don’t think we need a uniform method to do so. As long as all participants understand nature of the Justice field (watch the above Red Dwarf episode) and release their own energy the Field will be created.  Make it as powerful as you can.

After the justice Field has been spread each one of us will be doing ongoing work to sustain it through honesty and courage in their own life. We will all be under its influence! :D

On the Justice Field:

  • The field will be generated by the subconscious and therefore not following any one religious or moral doctrine. This means no participant has a knowledge of its judgements or give themselves the right to judge others unless they want to be judged.
  • The field has no name and it doesn’t resemble god but it can be called upon.
  • The rites re-enforcing the field can be performed at a crucial moments in our private life and globally.
  • It functions as a protective shield over personal freedom acting against any form of tyranny by cancelling out violent actions.
  • It speeds up manifestation of karma.
  • It empowers the individual by promoting personal integrity.
  • It removes fear.

Revenge comes from passing  a judgement on actions of others and ourselves and does not represent Justice. I do not see place for it in this working.

Everyone wants Justice – Give her to them!